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Oct '15

Trip Report: Berkeley Birthday

Birthday time in Berkeley, California, just not mine. The birthday boy is Lunetta – who is turning an unspecified age. But first, I have to get there, and it’s a morning flight, so this is what I look like in my favorite seat, 1C: But they wake me up with food – it’s an hour […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Quickie Trip To Portland For Lunch

When you discover friends are in town (well, not your town), you hit the rails! Dear friends of mine from the Midwest are in Portland – one having moved there from DC, the other who helped with the road trip. What a lovely way to spend a day – up early (OK, that part wasn’t […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Denver For Dan’s Recovery

I didn’t realize how many people know about my phobia/dislike of hospitals so it came as a surprise when I got messages telling me what a good friend I was to actually FLY someplace to go to SOMEPLACE that I didn’t really like – but, it’s for a dear friend. Hard to imagine that two […]

Oct '15

Museum Report:

ArtAidsAmerica At The Tacoma Art Museum

I had the rare (and free) opportunity to attend the opening of ArtAidsAmerica at the Tacoma Art Museum. It’s pretty amazing that this very controversial art opening in happening in the generally sleepy town of Tacoma, Washington, though I noticed some heavy hitters from the Seattle art scene in attendance. The exhibit runs through January […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Birthday Ramble Part Five –

The Way Home, First World Problems

All good things come to an end, hopefully in first class – which I’d prearranged with a coupon and a few extra dollars. They give me 4-6 a year, unfortunately they no longer work on the cheapest fares, but if I have to travel at the last minute (or month), they are handy since I’m […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Birthday Ramble Part Four –

New Orleans

One of my traditions on the first night arriving in New Orleans is to wander down the street and go to Houstons. Yes, it’s a chain, albeit a small one, but I know there will be live jazz and that I can grab a spot in the bar and just eat good food and listen […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Birthday Ramble Part Three –

The City of New Orleans

After dinner with Dan’s work buddy, back to the Metropolitan Lounge we go – to pillage some of their snacks to bring along on the train – like we aren’t getting enough food. They have us show up for boarding at 7:10, and we do, in fact, board shortly after. Seems they board sleeping car […]

Oct '15

Trip Report: Birthday Ramble Part Two –

The California Zephyr

I sometimes feels like I’ll be on the road all the month of September (and October and November). This installment if from the California Zephyr between Denver and Chicago. What I learned is that two people in a Roomette is a tight squeeze. As you can see by how close our knees are! Bring lots […]

Oct '15

Destination Report: Union Station In Denver

Rarely do I post on a specific venue in my travels, but Denver’s Union Station is nothing short of amazing. I wish Seattle’s King Street Station was this vibrant. Dan and I had a couple of hours to kill before our train, so I really got a chance to look around the station, which not […]