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Oct '15

Destination Report: Union Station In Denver

Rarely do I post on a specific venue in my travels, but Denver’s Union Station is nothing short of amazing. I wish Seattle’s King Street Station was this vibrant.

Dan and I had a couple of hours to kill before our train, so I really got a chance to look around the station, which not only boasts a hotel (The Crawford, $339+ a night) but an outlet of the famed bookstore (Tattered Cover). There are shuffle board tables, lots of couches (with outlets) to hang out and eat/drink/read/people watch.

Here are a few pictures of this bustling beauty.

Even the basement was treated with respect – right down to the modern elevator with the retro floor indicator:

I love how they left the limestone foundation showing:

And even saved the old safe door…

That with the renovation, is open at the back!

That’s just nice attention to details.

And then there is the outside of the station – modern blended with classical:

The tracks are for Amtrak and the soon to be completed Light Rail Link to the Denver International Airport – underneath the tracks is the city bus system hub:

All and all, a pretty cool intermodal transit center.


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