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Dec '15

Trip Report: Ruby Princess With Rache

It seems like it was only a couple of weeks since I was on the Ruby Princess – wait – it WAS just a couple of weeks ago! New partner this time, and a different itinerary, but with all the same stops, just in the opposite direction. Now – just point the arrows in the […]

Dec '15

Trip Report: Annual Pre-Christmas Trip To Santa Fe

It seems over the last couple of years that I’ve always ended up in Santa Fe early to mid-December. It’s the combination of cheaper tween holiday’s airfare and my work schedule on said holidays. This year was no different, except that I’m down to two people to visit in Santa Fe – my sis and […]

Dec '15

Trip Report: Ruby Princess With LACraig

Tis the season for cruising apparently – with Princess offering $179 per person (plus $45 port fees) for a mini-suite on the three-day cruise from Los Angeles to Vancouver. But first I have to get to LA, which was being a little problematic. Made it to the Board Room on my usual schedule, even to […]