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Mar '16

Trip Report: El Paso & The Train Home

Another week, another trip, or so it seems. This week it’s the red-eye after closing the shop after a special Château Nuef du Pape Tasting. Getting home at 8 left just enough time to put together a chef salad and grab an Uber (click on Uber for your first $15 ride free) to the airport. […]

Mar '16

Trip Report: Mileage & Shirt Run To Maui

This week’s trip is mostly a mileage run from Bellingham to Maui because I got it for $300 round-trip. And it’s like 5,500 flight miles (11,000 including bonus miles for being MVP Gold). Plus, I got upgraded to First Class in both directions! Bellingham is about two hours north of Seattle – and morning traffic […]

Mar '16

Trip Report: DC For A Quickie

Nothing will get me out of town quicker than a $137 each way trip across the country – and a $125 off coupon code. Didn’t get upgraded to First on the way out, but confirmed for the way back – more of that delicious new First Class food! Funny thing about this trip is that […]

Mar '16

Airline Report: Alaska Steps Up It’s Game

Food-wise In First Class

When I booked my New Orleans trip last October/November I paid a little more for the ticket so that I could use my Gold Guest Upgrades at time of purchase. I figured, what the hell, might as well start drinking before I get to New Orleans. What I didn’t realize is that the time of […]

Mar '16

Trip Report: Arts Run To New Orleans

Off to the Big Easy just after Mardi Gras. No photos of the flight because that is going to be a separate post after this one (or maybe the one after) because Alaska Airlines has changed its First Class service (for the good). When I booked this trip I paid a little more and got […]