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Apr '16

Trip Report: Puget Sound Circle Tour

You never know when you book several weeks out what the weather is going to be like. This time I lucked out. This trip started because of KPop – Korean Pop music which I know nothing about, but the 13-year-old daughter of a friend is nuts about it. During a random conversation at the shop, […]

Apr '16

Trip Report: Colorado Quickie

Again, no, not that kind of quickie! Just a two-night stay because I got a round-trip ticket for $40 plus the $100 eVoucher I got from Alaska for the detail on the Maui flight last month. But first I have to “work” Monday – if it’s Monday, it means our distributors are showcasing parts of […]

Apr '16

Trip Report: Montana Quickie

And no, not that kind of quickie – though I wouldn’t have minded hooking up with my asthmatic hockey player, but our schedules didn’t mesh up. Got a KILLER deal on the ticket — $105.00 round-trip! Usually, it’s in the $300+ range. Even better, the rental car for the two days was less than $50 […]

Apr '16

Trip Report: Spring Break Scholarship Reading At Birch Bay

The trip was originally planned as a spring break trip for Bret since I was able to book the 3-bedroom Penthouse at the WorldMark Birch Bay. For last year’s out of town reading we had the 2-bedroom (but they gave us the top floor) next door at the WorldMark Blaine. The Birch Bay unit came […]