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Aug '16

Travel Report: “Interesting” Trip To New Orleans

Guess this means that there will be more than one post for New Orleans as there were some “interesting” events on the way to The Big Easy. It started out WAY too early – and I stayed up the night into the morning before. Short story – bed at 1am, alarm at 3am, flight at […]

Aug '16

City Report: Back to Filson’s For A Drink With Smokey The Bear

I know, I was just at Filson’s last week – but they were having a Smokey The Bear birthday party complete with Smokey himself, mini-cupcakes (the kids were running wild), and for the adults – it turns out, real cocktails, served in Mason Jars with Smokey The Bear cozies. First – the Smokey The Bear […]

Aug '16

City Report: Time Off In The City, From Free To Pricey

So, its summer, which for me is no cheap bargain flights anywhere, so it’s time to explore the city. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing tourist things with friends who are also free during the week. Let’s work from Free to Pricey – though I visited these places in the reverse […]

Aug '16

City Report: Touring Amazon’s Headquarters

I really would have preferred to tour one of their fulfillment centers – but alas, nothing in the state and nothing with slots open (I would have FLOWN to get on a tour), so Seattle Headquarters it is. Here is a map of the fulfillment centers that offer tours: And I was serious about flying […]