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Sep '16

City Report: Two Tours Not Open To The Public

Being in town the week – I know, how unusual – got to keep busy. I set up these two tours a month or so ago for when Jonathan is out of school (and not working). Tour Number One: Not open to the public, it just happens that my buddy Seth is one of three […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: Round Two At Whistler With Roxy

In July Roxy and I purchased season passes to Whistlers Peak-2-Peak Gondola – this would be the second year for us doing this, my third year running for going to Whistler a couple of times a summer: Interesting that they just pulled last year’s picture off the server – so If I go next year, […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: Calgary For Lunch (And More) – Day Three, Headed Home

This morning is was in-room coffee maker coffee that I slept through and had to no nuke. No real rush to get out the door other than hunger. Checked out and drove half a block to Phil’s (since 1956!)– which could be a Denny’s north of the border. They have five locations in the Calgary […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: Calgary For Lunch (And More) – Day Two, There

As usual Rache was up earlier than I, working away on his updates, and just as important, tracking down coffee for the grumpy morning one (that would be me). We have to be out of the hotel earlier than I’d like as our Lunch Date with the restored 1929 Pullman Dining Car is at 11:30. […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: Calgary For Lunch (And More) – Day One, Getting There

It was originally about lunch – fine dining on the restored Pullman Dining Car River Forth – but the trip turned into much more. And better yet, our hour and a half flight left in the middle of the afternoon. It felt weird to be able to sleep in as long as I wanted – […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: ROAD TRIP!

What happens when there are no cheap flights during the summer? ROAD TRIP! Though I didn’t realize it at the time, it turns out to be a parade of visits to friends that I’ve known for years: Cathy = 46 years (stop 2) Dwight = 31 years (stop 3) Peppermint = 22 years (stop 6) […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: New Orleans For The Miles – Part Two

I left off mid-way through one day because the post got too big, so here we go with Part Two (Part One Here!). I tried to get to the New Orleans Museum of Art after the Ogden – and there were streetcar delays and I was having a food meltdown – as in I needed […]

Sep '16

Trip Report: New Orleans For The Miles – Part One

It was a trip for the miles – the final flights to hit $1,500 in United Airline tickets excluding taxes – I just squeaked over the spend at $1.506. And what did I get? 25,000 bonus miles on top of the miles that I earned. Since all 5 segments were booked in paid First Class […]