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Nov '16

Trip Report: ABQ-SEA On The Train

At least once a year or so I take this trip – a couple of days with the remaining relatives (and now The Colonels) in Santa Fe, and then the long ride home on the train. Fly in, train home. As I was saying goodbye and hugging my sis-in-law (my eldest brother’s widow), to paraphrase, […]

Nov '16

Trip Report: Santa Fe

Part one of my trip is getting to (and staying for a couple of days) Santa Fe. I booked long enough in advance that I used an Alaska Gold MVP Guest Upgrade for a few more dollars – turns out it was a good idea as there were 34 people on the upgrade list (guessing […]

Nov '16

Trip Report: Phoenix

I headed to Phoenix at the invitation of friends for a celebration – that, sadly, turned into a funeral. Yes, I was flying on Election Day. Breakfast in The Board Room since I’m in coach for both legs (SEA-SFO and SFO-PHX): Lunch in the United section of SFO – I’ve always loved The Fillmore from […]

Nov '16

Trip Report: South Carolina

So, last time I saw Sean we were both in Washington, DC by the airport. He was on a layover; I was on a mileage run to see a museum while I was at it. More memorable was Vietnam in January. He was teaching English in the small town of Saigon (OK, that’s a joke […]