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Dec '16

Home Report: xMess Day

Season platitudes one and all as the end of the year is quickly approaching. As for me, I spent the eve and morning with a friend, his daughter, his daughter’s mother (his ex), daughter’s mother’s brother, an unrelated friend from Portland, and yours truly. I had forgotten the energy that xMess brings to a seven-year-old. […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Quiet Pre-Christmas In Victoria

Just a quiet little mid-week jaunt to Victoria with DancingBear before the rush of xMess starts at the shop. If it’s a Victoria Clipper trip, that means it’s time for Red Barons (cranberry juice and sparkling wine): And a breakfast burrito from the Clipper Café in the terminal. DancingBear had arranged for a car, so […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: The Road Home From Lima

Oh the panic! Just checked out of the hotel in Lima when my phone dinged. This is the phone that seemed to only work on Wi-Fi in Peru even though T-Mobile says they roam. Text Message From American: Your flight is delayed 10.5 hours. YIKES. Since we already had Edwardo arranged, and Rache needed to […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Lima, Peru – Day Three

One of the things about travelling with Rache is his LUST for experience. Leaves me in the dust. Another day, another whirlwind. But, on a light note, I forgot something from yesterday – apparently, in Lima, you can get children made to order: I do need someone to clean the toilet’s, vacuum, make the beds […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Lima, Peru – Day Two

When Rache and I travel, we settle into a routine…don’t bug me in the morning. So, it was another morning of going down for breakfast, and coming back and grabbing another hour or two of sleep. Happens on the train as well – basically, anyplace that has breakfast included in the price. So, really, after […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Lima, Peru – Day One

Rache was up early and exploring, I was in bed snoring peacefully after returning from breakfast (never waste a free meal). Once I was up, we headed in the opposite direction that Rache went earlier – in search of a place to have lunch. No, we didn’t eat here: Nor McDonalds, KFC, TGIFridays – all […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Peru Bound

Rache and I are headed to Peru – Lima for me, Lima and Cusco (and more) for Rache – so off to the airport we go, after a lovely meal at St. Clouds, next to the shop: Did I mention that we had just finished a late-running Champagne Tasting (at the shop as well)? We […]

Dec '16

Trip Report: Day Drinking With DancingBear

Got a text from DancingBear a couple of weeks ago… “What are you doing the Wednesday the 30th? Want to do some day drinking? Turns out he needed one more trip on Alaska to hit MVP status for 2017. Sure! He owned me about the same amount of money for our upcoming trip to Victoria, […]