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Jan '17

Trip Report: Boston Mileage Run Number One

My business partner just rolls his eyes when I mention mileage runs. Not sure what I’m talking about? CLICK HERE. This is the first of four mileage runs I have planned this spring – all transcontinental flights, and number one is Boston. The fare was $256.00 roundtrip. That works out to 2,496 each way for […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Charleston – The Return Home

Wandered over to Toast for sit down breakfast of Eggs Benedict which were OK, nothing special, but Timmy, my server, was way special. Too bad no pics of either! The morning activity is going back to the Unitarian Church of Charleston since it will be open for tours from 11-1pm. It will be nice to […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Charleston — Thursday

Today is my last full day in Charleston – I’m getting to really like this town. First up today is…as usual…food. This place looked like Old Charleston… Until you realize it’s a Greek restaurant – not what I’m in the mood for today. Luckily, PIG (actually, Nick’s BBQ) fit the bill: What’s that old joke, […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Charleston — Wednesday

Another lazy start to the day, so the first meal is basically lunch – at 5Church – who wouldn’t want to lunch in church: With a nice wall of liquor: And quotes from “The Art of War” on the ceiling… Time for a Manhattan! And some Conch Soup. After lunch, it was off to see […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Charleston — Tuesday

After yesterday’s long day, it was a sleep-in day. Probably got out of the room about noon and ended up at The Brown Dog for food. Just a random pick – but a good one! I went with the Pig N’Fig — And it didn’t disappoint. Next up on the agenda is to track down […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Charleston Bound

When I booked this trip – it was to provide comfort for my buddy Sean who had moved to South Carolina shortly after I visited him in Saigon. I was out here last October (if you click on Sean, it should come up) and even before I’d gotten out here then, I found another good […]

Jan '17

Trip Report: Vancouver & Victoria

Well, the travel season has begun again – starting off with a road trip with my old college roommate, MB. Left my place at noon headed for CanadaLand…with a couple of stops on the way: Since we were going into a “crown county”, we thought we’d gets our crowns on early. First stop is a […]