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Jun '17

Trip Report: Whistler With DancingBear

After several weeks at home, it was time to hit the road again. But first, it’s an 8am doctor’s appointment followed by waiting to new pills. The joys of being in a clinical study (no, I’m not dying, just trying to keep others from). Pills in hand, headed north to hook up with DancingBear, and […]

Jun '17

Home Report: British Columbia Chef’s Wine Dinner

While Jim was finishing up the day at the shop, I was off to an industry dinner sponsored by the British Columbia, Canada government, winemakers, and chefs at Ethan Stowell’s Tavolata on Capital Hill. And it was just us taking over the whole restaurant:   And the place was PACKED – 74 guests plus all […]

Jun '17

Trip Report: Vancouver To Edmonton On The Canadian

A tad late updating the bog with the final adventure in Uncle Markie’s May Train Month. Because I need the miles, and I had a discount coupon I decided to fly from Seattle to Vancouver to catch the train, giving me most of the day (noon-6pm) to poke around Vancouver. Sadly, my buddy Solus+ was […]