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Jul '17

Trip Report: Originally It Was Saigon, Part Three – Excursion Day Two

Woke up to a cup or two of coffee, followed shortly by the daily spread of meats, cheeses, bread…very civilized.

Today’s expedition is to a local Environmental Learning Center – at least, that’s what we would call them in the states. Very tranquil place…

The have a small unmanned museum that goes into the history, flora, and fauna of the refuge.

And some goats looking for a handout…

Winding our way back home we stopped at another park…that stretches from the sea for a mile or so, a greenbelt:

The white orbs of different sizes are the path lights (and things to jump on for the children).

The sun comes out for a bit when we return so that we can sit outside before dinner:

And another marvelous dinner it was – with a shrimp and avocado starter…

Followed by a pork tenderloin stroganoff…

After dinner, Hans suggested a walk the beach:

And a tour of the local architecture, including the “brutalist” style home and office:

And less brutal examples….

Detail of the thatching for the roof:

More examples on either side of the brutalist:

The ones above are just across the road from the beach, the ones below within a couple of blocks…

And even one property that was at the heart of a neighbor dispute over size, and had sat partially completed (with approved plans) for over eight years:

Guess that would be the payback for the complaining neighbor – a decade of an open sore next door.

It is the same neighborhood as yesterday’s first church.

It doesn’t get dark until after 10pm, and tonight we experienced a “close to” full moon – the before:

The after:

Another fun day in the less travelled (at least by Americans) part of Denmark.

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