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Sep '17

Trip Report: Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – Part Three

Another day, another adventure. Didn’t feel like walking back to Touks or the Market – opted for The Trolley Stop Café. I wanted a Mimosa, but they were out of bubbles, so, Bloody Mary it was: I have to say, nice amount of spice (you can SEE the black pepper), olives, pickled okra, TALL. Not […]

Sep '17

Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – Part Two

There are some things that I do to immediately get into The Big Easy groove – first stop, Houstons for cocktails, food, and jazz! Always start with a Sazerac. Followed by the Gulf Coast Grouper Sandwich – yes, there is a bun in there someplace: So much for a light meal. Then it was off […]

Sep '17

Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – The Way There

Most years I use my birthday month as an excuse to travel – like I really need one after all these miles. This year is no exception. Off to New Orleans for three nights. Time to start off with a healthy breakfast in the Alaska Lounge: Noticed that they are stepping up their game as […]

Sep '17

Work Report: Wine Tastings, Even On The Road – No Rest For The Wicked

Now that summer is done, ALL the wine distributors we deal with are having trade tastings, mostly on Monday, mid-day. Case in point, this Monday, there were FOUR distributors doing tastings. My own personal limits are about two per day because there are often 100+ bottles open, and even if you spit (which I had […]

Sep '17

Trip Report: Dallas Mileage Run Number Two

In my quest for Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K status – I’m back on a crowded plane to Dallas for a day turn. Downside is that it’s a 7:25am flight, which means that I only have time for a glass of rosé bubbles since the bar doesn’t open until 6am in the lounge. And the […]

Sep '17

Trip Report: Road Trip to Eastern Washington

In an incredibly busy work week for my consulting business, but the trip to the Tri-Cities had been planned for months. Brought two laptops so I could keep up with the work. We picked a smoky week to travel with the top down… We stopped in Cle Elem for gas and a BQ Pulled Pork: […]

Sep '17

Trip Report: Four Lounges In Twelve Hours

Yep, that means its Fall Mileage Run time! Out on the red-eye to Dallas, back on the morning flight. But things are never simple – I had a client email this morning for a job. It wasn’t until we were on the conference call that the original job was moved to a slightly less hot […]

Sep '17

Home Report: Hospital Time

Many of you know my aversion to hospitals – and my one week in town has me visiting TWO friends in the hospital and or in-patient rehab for long periods of time. My long-time friend and travel-buddy Bliss fell off a 22-foot ladder, found by his neighbor at his Hood Canal cabin, MedEvac’d from the […]