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Oct '17

Trip Report: Long Beach Staycation

I booked this almost a year ago – figuring that it would be easy to fill four nights in a three-bedroom/three-bath Presidential unit right on the beach in Long Beach…turns out, two of the usual cast of characters are going with me a week later to Vegas, so it’s just Rache (who actually LIVES in […]

Oct '17

Home Report: Sometimes I’m Not On The Road Or In The Air

It is true that sometimes I’m not on the road or in the air – then it’s time to get stuff done around the house. Like fix the luggage that has broken from all the air travel. My hard-side that turns into a hang truck needed some serious re-bolting and a couple of pop rivets… […]

Oct '17

Trip Report: Post Birthday Kansas City

Without fail, the weeks around my birthday always involve travel. Not that it’s much different from the rest of the year. This week is a couple of nights in Kansas City. It ain’t first, but it comes with sugar coated Smurfs! And free booze… Didn’t get into KC until almost 6pm. Drop my bags and […]

Oct '17

Trip Report: Birthday By The Bay

Another weekday, another trip – this one to the Bay Area to visit Mark and Onyx, and celebrate my 61st birthday! It’s always lots of luggage when I visit – bringing wine to the boys. A lot of stuff for three nights! Another early morning flight…. And no upgrade to first… But plenty of room […]

Oct '17

Trip Report: Dallas Mileage Run Number Three

I must be growing weary of these mileage runs. Looking more exhausted than usual, taking fewer pictures. That’s it – for the entire trip. Breakfast in the lounge, exit row with seat next to me open. When I checked in, they let me move the evening flight to the afternoon flight. We were a few […]

Oct '17

Trip Report: Trip Report: New Orleans For Pre-Birthday Celebration – The End

Damn, damn, damn, behind in my reports! My final day in New Orleans – checked out a few minutes before noon and jumped on the street car headed to Canal Street, looking for a particular piece of tourist glassware for Randy and Kathy’s Christmas Present – I need to outdo last year. Shockingly, I found […]