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Feb '18

Trip Report: London

In my usual lazy travel way, I choose one major thing to do each day – and today, that would be the Beefeater Gin Distillery! Since the printer at the “business center” (one computer and a broken printer) was dead – I just took a photograph of the GoogeMaps page to find my way: It […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: London, Getting There

It was a reasonable 11am train north from Plymouth to London…time to stop by the shops for a snack for onboard…and onto the train I go: Plymouth station was modern in 1961, not so much now – more Soviet-era Brutalist. But the boys saw me off at the platform! And plenty of room on the […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: Plymouth, England

Too bloody early to out of bed and into a cab headed to the airport. Made earlier by the lack of a lounge at Dublin that I had privileges for. Breakfast was lunch here, though I didn’t go for the beer option: My hope for sleep on the short hop to Newquay was for naught… […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: Dublin

It may have been a lay flat bed in Business to get here, but it’s still an overnight flight, and I don’t sleep well on planes without help (Scotch and Ambien). Chatted with Mindi, had a little toast, kicked off my shoes, threw my feet up onto the couch, and I was out for five […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: Dublin Bound

Off again – this time on a 10-day holiday. That would be LONG for me. Off to Ireland and England to visit friends and maybe explore a new thing or two. And for those of you with questions about why I book all those “mileage runs”, it’s so I can use my miles to fly […]

Feb '18

Status Report: Going For Gold

Just like the Olympics, I’m going for the Gold and achieved success! Now all I need is another 34,256 miles to keep my MVP Gold 75K status through 2019. [?? ?] To see more blog posts, CLICK HERE.

Feb '18

Trip Report: Hawaii – Part Three

Our final day on Oahu finds me sleeping in again, and Rache exploring. This pattern works well for us. Our morning chore is to get out of the room by noon and get to the airport to pick up our rental car for our island tour – which looked something like this: We added a […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: Hawaii – Part Two

This morning I get to sleep in…until 10 – it feels SOOOOOOOOO good. Rache is out discovering the city. The plan is to meet back up at noon latest so we can get to our afternoon mission. What did Rache do with his usual early rising? Explore Waikiki? Nope. He grabbed an Uber to Pearl […]

Feb '18

Trip Report: Hawaii – Part One

When is a mileage run more than a mileage run – when you actually go someplace warm for a couple of days. This was supposed to be surprise trip number two for Rache – amusingly spoiled by the TSA agent that said, “Have fun in Hawaii.” So much for THAT surprise. Rache still didn’t know […]

Feb '18

Mileage Run Report: RDU, RDU, JFK

A quick post before I go off to work for the weekend. This week was another “mileage-run week”, which started off with a bit of a hiccup… The plane was there…and we were all boarded…and then we were unloaded due to a mechanical problem with the bathroom. So, there was a delay… And sent to […]