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May '18

Life Report: Hacking Your Luggage

Because I’ve had this design gig for the last couple of months, I’ve been traveling with a rolling laptop bag because: I’ve got a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and my laptop backpack doesn’t help the tingling It’s an older, heavier laptop, but it has programs installed that I can’t do this gig without […]

May '18

Trip Report: Andy Warhol Show At The Palm Springs Museum Of Art

I wasn’t in the building for more than five minutes when I was overcome with the thought – “oh my god, he is a talented artist” rather than the P.T. Barnum of Pop Art. Previously, I’d just thought of him as all Soup Cans and Marilyn, but that was just one portion of his career. […]

May '18

Trip Report: With Bliss In Palm Springs

This week’s adventure is a mid-week trip to Palm Springs with Bliss for some serious pool time. But first we have to get there…and I’m an early airport person, Bliss less so. Always seems there is a last minute crisis, so I’m glad we are going to the airport separately, which makes sense since he […]

May '18

Trip Report: What 2018 Looks Like So Far – On A Map

I discovered this great site if you want to make pretty maps of your airport itineraries – but I also do cars and planes, so those aren’t on here. Isn’t it pretty? This isn’t the final map for the year. I’m assuming I’ll go some more places since I only have one trip for July, […]

May '18

Trip Report: Mileage Run To NOLA

Normally I make mileage runs on Alaska to keep my MVP Gold 75K status, but this spring United (where I’m Premier Gold for life) has been offering me some amazing deals for bonus miles. I got almost 50K out of my Maui trip a couple of weeks ago, then they made me another offer of […]

May '18

Trip Report: Couple Of Nights With The Boys

When I find a fare for the low hundreds ($120.40) I book some time with the boys (Mark and Onyx). Didn’t get out of town until early evening because of a Greek Wine Tasting in the early afternoon. It was in the old Julian’s Pool Hall in South Lake Union – where taking a small […]

May '18

Trip Report: Escaping The Rain In Maui

Several weeks ago, I just couldn’t take the rain anymore and booked flights to Maui on United…yes, United. You all know I’m a loyal Alaska flyer, BUT I CAN BE BRIBED! And bribe me, United did. The offer? Spent $300 on flights completed before the end of July and get an additional 9,000 miles on […]