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Jan '19

Trip Report: Headed To Chile

Since I know this would be a LONG post, I’ll break this trip up into three or four entries. Actually taking a weekend off from the shop! Travelling with Rache – who, as is usual when we travel internationally, is going for weeks, while I’m going for the most days that I can find a […]

Jan '19

Trip Report: Yellowstone In Winter

So, last week I was in the low 80’s, this week I’m lucky if it gets UP to 20. One morning it was 14 below! Fortunately, I don’t live here, but have to fly in. That’s a lot of stuff for three nights – but it includes New Year’s presents. Might as well start off […]

Jan '19

Trip Report: Waikiki With Friends

When you have friends that live in Indianapolis, you don’t get to see them often, so when you get a chance to holiday in the same city, you take it, even if it is six hours in the opposite direction. The gods must have been smiling on me since I got an upgrade at the […]