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Jul '20

Home Report: Unplanned Project

If there is anything in this world that I dislike more that “45”, it would be plumbing repairs. This week was slated to be version two mask making week (elastic head [not ear] straps, wire insert by the nose for better fit. The saga begins a month ago when I swapped out the float mechanism […]

Jul '20

Home Report: Living Room Redo Done

Just realized that I’m cleaning/redoing the décor in a very slow clockwise path. Finished the living room this afternoon. Here is the before: Can you say CLUTTERED! I’d been wanting to change out the artwork for the last couple of years – but the piece with the massive frame weighs a lot. The frame is […]

Jul '20

Home Report: Failed Cooking Experiments

I post all the pretty dinner pics on Facebook – but rarely the disasters. My first attempt at making zucchini fries crusted with parmesan. Definitely, a fail. Maybe if I had cooked smaller batches with them spread out. Oh well. Plus, I accidentally put in too much salt – and with the parmesan, definitely noticeable. […]

Jul '20

Home Report: Second Bedroom Done

Second bedroom is a bit misleading…technically, it’s the Master Bedroom, i.e., where the Master (that would be me) sleeps. Before, the shit show of leftovers from years of travelling: Thought it wouldn’t need all that much time, but that’s when “project creep” comes into play: Jewelry chest needed to be cleaned, items passed onto friends […]

Jul '20

Home Report: Pantry Update

One would think that with this 4+ month travel grounding, that I’d be further ahead on my cleaning/organizing. Hard to get excited about anything. This project wasn’t even on my list, but the purchase of an Air Fryer, I needed someplace to actually store potatoes (and onions). And I needed a better (heavy duty) potato/vegetable […]