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Aug '20

Home Report: The Projects Continue

Well, another room has been spruced up a bit. Mostly cosmetic, but way cheaper than tearing apart the bathroom down to the studs. When you only have one bathroom in the house, it becomes critical that you still be able to use it. Here is the commode before: Here is the commode after: The bath/shower […]

Aug '20

Trip Report: HBO Sports Documentary

Uncle Markie? Sports Documentary? Yes, it does sound odd. While I was on my Austin trip, I got this email out of the blue from a documentary producer in New York City that was working on a piece about a “fallen from grace” morning sports radio announcer. What they wanted was to use some footage […]

Aug '20

Trip Report: Shakedown Trip To Assess Comfort Level

I forget how long ago I booked this trip, but I thought it was far enough out that we would be back to normal. Part of how I booked it was that even in this time of free changes, parts of this one were not. The upside is that it was booked in First Class, […]

Aug '20

Home Report: Masks and Pillows

I seriously thought when I made the first 48 masks that would be enough for a lifetime. Apparently, I’m a creature with more than one life. Not a cat, I’m allergic to them. Last week was upcycling bad wine, this week it is turning thrift store Hawaiian shirts that have seen too much love to […]