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Sep '20

Trip Report: What A Weird Short Trip It Became – The Way Home

At the end of the last post we saw the wind and rain. On, what turned out to be my last day in New Orleans, this might have been an indication that things were changing: Every door except the main two entrances were sand bagged. And then maintenance knocked on my door so that they […]

Sep '20

Trip Report: What A Weird Short Trip It Became – New Orleans During A Pandemic

While I feel comfortable enough to take Ubers in this time of Pandemic, not so for the infamous New Orleans street cars – but since I’m in the French Quarter, there is no shortage of places to walk and explore. Even found a National Historical Park that I didn’t know existed – the John Lafitte […]

Sep '20

Trip Report: What A Weird Short Trip It Became – Getting There

My second airplane holiday since the world changed in March. This was a trip (like Austin) that couldn’t be moved around – i.e. Use It Or Lose It. The Alaska Lounge is back to serving cocktails (though nothing Top Shelf, which was an extra charge PM [Pre-March]) which includes the Caesar, which is a Bloody […]

Sep '20

Trip Report: Seattle In-Town “Vacation”

Covid takes its toll on another getaway. Well, I still went, but the guest of honor had to cancel his flight (well, I cancelled and rebooked) because of a possible Covid-19 Exposure. He learned two days later that is was most likely TWO different exposures. Better safe than sorry. I’d mention names here, but because […]