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Aug '21

Trip Report: Canada – FINALLY!

The Canadian border opened to U.S. residents on August 9th – albeit with conditions: Must be fully vaccinated Must have Negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering Canada That said, Canadians are prevented from driving into the US until at least September 21st. I’ve been fully vaccinated since the end of March, bring on […]

Aug '21

Trip Report: Day Trip To Ride Cable Cars

When I was in San Francisco in June, I saw a news segment on the reopening of the cable car system starting August 1st – and that they would be free for the entire month of August. Shortly after, I crafted a plan – go down for the day midweek and spend the day riding […]

Aug '21

Work Report: Trade Wine Tastings Are Back, At Least One

One of the MANY things that changed with the Pandemic is the suspension of Trade Wine Tastings – where restaurants, wine shops, etc. can sample of offering from a distributor, or, in this case, an individual producer. Mondays are generally when they happen, usually 11-3, noon-4, etc. Some weeks there are two, three, four different […]