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Apr '22

Trip Report: Discovery Bay To See A Grave

A little domestic travel this time. Been a while since I’ve been on a ferry! The Miata gets a discounted rate since it’s under 14 feet. WooHoo. Four nights at the WorldMark Discovery Bay…nice view! No shots of the 2-bedroom unit, just the bar: Hopefully we have enough to drink – though the boys will […]

Apr '22

Trip Report: Spain, Part Eight, The Seriously Long Way Home

Well, it all started good…. Nice lounge, and then onto the plane: And more food: Quick hop from Barcelona to Madrid. After my arrival, things went south, quickly. Got tested at the airport for the flight the next day and tested positive for COVID. I probably sat on the airport floor for half an hour […]

Apr '22

Trip Report: Spain, Part Seven, Alta Alella Cellars

Not far out of town, there is this beautiful, albeit small, winery that one of my distributors was able to set up a tour with Alta Alella: With my host working his restaurant, we had set up a 4pm tasting and tour. Add to our party my friend since college who splits her time between […]