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Aug '22

Trip Report: Return to Whistler

Well, this trip started with a hiccup, and a cancelled first night out of town, so I used the day to rest up, with a little “mental health” trip over to the Museum of Flight to just sit in the Pavilion amongst the planes. It is an incredibly calming place for me. Later in the […]

Aug '22

Trip Report: Points Run

Most of you know about my mileage runs (flying someplace just to fly home usually on the same plane), but this week I did a points run for Wyndham Rewards points. How it works in this case, is booking a Bonus Time stay at one of the WorldMark resorts that also has a sales center […]

Aug '22

Home Report: Lots Of Visitors!

It must be summer in Seattle – everyone is showing up! Well, the first isn’t a guest, I was the guests – but these are dear friends from the wine shop that invited me for cocktails! Not the best picture but shows the joy in the evening. Then, my “nephew” from Nagoya, Japan and his […]

Aug '22

Trip Memories: Guest Post From Julian Honeycutt

Gods & Penises by Julian Honeycutt   In Japan, they say you are born Shinto, marry Christian, and die Buddhist. That is, as a new baby you will go to the Shinto shrine for purification, when the time comes, you’ll likely get married in a big building fashioned to look like a chapel and say […]

Aug '22

Trip Report: Boise 2X

Normally I don’t do mileage runs in summer. Too many crazy clueless travelers – and pissed off angry, entitled, travelers this Summer of Revenge Traveler…but here I am. And here I am a few minutes before opening: That is my carry-on for the day. Reading material and room for snacks. That is a Virgin Mary […]

Aug '22

Home Report: Guests Coming!

Time to finish the rehabilitation of the guest bedroom and bathroom (and clean up my own bedroom). Have company coming in from Nagoya (Japan) and then Athens (Greece, not Georgia). First up, finish the guest bedroom from its previous life as an office. First up, stiffening the bed for TWO guests: The front section has […]