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Oct '22

Trip Report: Uncle Markie Visits Forever

Don’t get the wrong idea – I didn’t have a near-death event. My friends bought a place in Upstate New York (Finger Lakes) that they have named “Forever”. While structurally fine and with amazing woodwork inside, forever is how long it will that them to make it theirs in spirit and functionality. Prebreakfast in the […]

Oct '22

Travel Report: What Airlines For What

This is just a quick post to layout my feelings about various airlines since I’ve had the chance to fly some that I don’t regularly fly. Thoughts on domestic airlines (that I fly) in order of my preference, but there is a HUGE gap between number one and number two: Alaska Airlines: If you are […]

Oct '22

Trip Reports: Caribbean and SoCal – Days Apart

Pardon the copy and paste, but a personal letter seems like a great dual post: Spent my birthday in St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands doing absolutely nothing but eating and looking out at the sea. Here are a couple of representative pictures that I haven’t end had time to blog yet.  ..   […]