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Dec '22

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Five, The Panama Canal

Here is the historical map of the Panama Canal: This is what greeted us the morning of our Panama Canal transit… And the TV screen projecting the bridge cam! And off we go! Goodbye Panama – next stop, COLUMBIA! [198.8] For more blog posts, click here.

Dec '22

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Four, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Another couple of sea days, another port. Welcome to Costa Rica! The trolley we didn’t wait for… My view of the open air market – MB did more shopping. Our boat at the pier: And my score from the bodega… Back on board, back to the food. And just random pictures…. And breakfast is served: […]

Dec '22

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Three, Hualtulco, Mexico

Second port of call – Hualtulco, Mexico! Every time I walk by one of the interactive displays, they display Happy Birthday Uncle Markie. Just FYI, it isn’t my birthday, but we have a birthday celebration coming up for a former cruise partner of mine. And this was waiting for me one turndown… As usual, tons […]

Dec '22

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Two, Puerto Vallarta

Well, this is the port that I didn’t want, but in a cruel twist of fate, it’s a good port for Marybeth, who’s luggage didn’t make it to San Francisco. Delta is overing replacement clothes for the trip, and even though Princess wasn’t at fault, they offered her a $250 credit at the Tommy Bahama […]

Dec '22

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part One, San Francisco

Forward: This is the trip we were planning: Reality: The trip we got: San Francisco Puerto Vallarta (barf) Hualtulco Puntarenas Cartagena Galveston Two interesting ports swapped for a crappy one (Puerto Vallarta). Recourse: NONE, not even a comped bottle of wine. But we started with a short flight to San Francisco… Which always starts in […]