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Jan '23

Trip Report: Korea Adventure – Getting To Seoul

For the first time in YEARS, I’m travelling to Korea on a PAID ticket, not miles. Granted, I did use a Delta Global Upgrade certificate to upgrade my Premium Economy (think recliner style seats like First Class in the US market) $845 ticket to a Delta One Suite ticket worth about $2500 (though when I […]

Jan '23

Trip Report: Victoria!

First trip to Vic this year – other than COVID, a winter tradition I’ve done for 20 years at least. The last 17 years, Nicola has been at the front desk! Because January is the month with both Washington State-based ferries are in for dry dock, it means that we go over the Canadian border […]

Jan '23

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Seven, Galveston, Texas

Final leg (unless you count the flight home) of the epic Panama Canal Adventure…and you can tell you are off the Texas coast when you start seeing oil rigs… And then the chaos of getting off the boat… At least it is downtown, unlike our hotel… Not that it was swimming weather! Look at the […]

Jan '23

Trip Report: Panama Cruise – Part Six, Cartagena, Columbia

Last port stop of the trip, Cartagena, Columbia! Parked right next to the Norwegian Bliss, named after my friend Kevin (Bliss). Michael was up and off early for his tour, MB and I were just planning on hitting the terminal which has shops, restaurants, and apparently, a zoo. It was hot, hot, hot, so I […]