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Mar '23

Trip Report: Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – The Long Way Home

Off in the morning to Narita via the Narita Express. And Daveson all dressed up for work – they are taking me to a station where I don’t have to transfer to get onto the Narita Express: And the Narita Express! Another day, another lounge as they say. This is the JAL First Class lounge […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – Nagoya to Tokyo

Tonight headed to Tokyo but one more meal with Julian – out at a kitschy Shogun era restaurant a block from the main Nagoya train station. Interesting enough, on the 4th floor of a small high rise. Welcome to Japan, where home improvement stores can be on the 18-20th floor. Fun, fun, fun. And the […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – Komaki For Honen Matsuri

So, the English translation for Honen Matsuri would be Penis Festival. This would be my fourth or fifth. All but one in Komaki (outside Nagoya), the other in Kawasaki which is always on the first Sunday of April, rather than Komaki, which is always on March 15th, no matter the day of week. Fewer tourists […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – Nagoya

Flying into Nagoya from Guam… Compared to Guam, immigration and customs was a breeze in Nagoya. Bags and through in minutes, not hours. Left my luggage at a hotel that I may or may not stay at tonight, and headed over to The Flight Of Dreams which is connected to Terminal 2 at NGO. Who […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – Guam

This won’t be much of a post, because, really, unless you are a fan of beaches (me, not so much), Guam really didn’t have much to offer me except a place to decompress for a couple of nights as an interesting means of not having jet lag. Wyndham Guam is the freebie hotel (OK, points) […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Pacific Grand Tour – The Island Hopper

Yet another 4am wakeup call – this is getting old. But, The Island Hopper only runs twice a week, and there schedule is their schedule. What is The Island Hopper? It’s a famous old Continental Airlines route through the South Pacific. When United bought Continental, the continued the route (and I wear, using the same […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Grand Pacific Tour – First Stop, Waikiki

I first tried to plan this for March of 2021, well, there was a pandemic still going on. Tried again for March of 2022, and there was STILL a pandemic going on, and Asia was MOST DEFINITELY closed for business. Which brings us to 2023 and I’m finally making the trip. Technically, my return is […]

Mar '23

Trip Report: Five Mileage Runs To Cincinnati In Two Months

And One More To Come

One might ask, why Cincinnati? To keep my status on Alaska. Every winter one city stands out for cheap, long-distance turnarounds (out and back on the same plane). The previous five years, it was Raleigh-Durham. At around $250 r/t, which I can book in Premium which is the free booze and extra legroom portion on […]