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Apr '10

Garage Cleaning – Day One

It must be spring… time to start cleaning and arranging the garage.

Part of the battle is getting it organized so I can go through and clean out all the stuff I really don’t need but that someone else might:

  • Bag of down pillows
  • Year old mattress (size = double)
  • Excess kitchen equipment
  • 9×12 Karastan rug (pinkish oriental)
  • And the list goes on.

Speak up if you need any of this stuff. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of the items that are soon to go on Craigslist.

And who is coming to dinner tonight? That would be ex-councilman Curt. It’s going to be a field and stream meal of lamb chops, stir-fried tiger spot prawns, some fresh bread, a salad and a couple of bottles of wine that Curt showed up with.


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One Response to “Garage Cleaning – Day One”

  1. Xrauq Says:

    Hey Mark – you still got that rug? If yes, I’d be interested in it!