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May '10

Can’t Take The Crowds.

After days on the road, I just can’t take the crowds.

Here is what I’m blowing off this afternoon and evening.

  • Glenn Cooper’s wake, which was originally going to be his farewell, but he died too soon. Too many people from when I was 20.
  • The 10-year Dindon’s Pinot Noir tasting. Good food, but 50+ people all 50+.

What I subbed in: a dinner at home with Dancing Bear.

It was much nicer.

Had an afternoon visit from Grubin, she needed to pick up T-shirts for “pride” week, or something like that at the school she teaches at… she needed to wear the “colors” of the school she went to, and wanted Evergreen over UW. I lent her the geoduck in the mortarboard hat, and an alumni t-shirt.

I also listed the hitch lift and the trailer on Craigslist, and had a lovely hot tub after the BBQ’d pork ribs (and salad, wine, bread [mine, bad], etc) for dinner.

Am I getting anti-social in my old age?


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