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Aug '10

Not So Much Redemption – More Life My Faerie Mojo Has Returned.

Fairie Mojo – is there such a thing?

And how would you describe it? A feeling of calmed centeredness. Is centeredness even a word?

My life of the Dish Witch has absolved me of any feelings of guilt over not doing any kitchen prep work, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the never ending sand out of the hallways… and my fingernails are amazingly clean!

From the sunny humidness of yesterday and this morning, the afternoon has turned to showers and a nice cool breeze – my sympathies go out to the 9 or 10 faeries who went out for a long bicycle ride to see some modern architectural wonder close by. And so much for the Yoga/Dance Movement workshop on the lawn… leaving lots of faeries in the smoking temple drinking beer and chatting away.

Speaking of beer – yes, when in Germany, have the beer. Even me. Yesterday I had four. Over the course of a day. Can you say out of whiskey and the wine delivery is slated for today. Still – those were bottles of beer — .5 liter bottles of beer. Me. I would have been better if I’d found the stash of fizzy water yesterday instead of today – I think it was really the bubbles that I was craving.

Currently the kitchen is abuzz with the chopping of vegetables for tonight’s meal of lasagna – that would be lasagna for 45 people. Makes me happy I’m only in charge of cleaning up. They prep, put it in the oven, I roll in, clean up all the prep stuff which it cooks. Of course, in the meantime a lunch crew has to fly through and get things out so we don’t all starve… think of it as semi-organized chaos.

I wish I could post some pictures of the place and the process, but that will have to wait – I hear rumors that the café on the beach has wi-fi so I might wander over tomorrow and check that out – or it might just be a vicious rumor to get me out for a walk.

But back to the Mojo concept. For the last several years I’ve been feeling my faerie Mojo slowly slipping away, less willing to embrace the eccentricities of the movement – feeling a disconnect with the rest of my world. Odd that coming back to a EuroFaerie gathering after ten years would reinvigorate my sense of community. Or maybe it’s just that for me the Faeries had become the Breitenbush Faeries and my disgust over the “hippy sweat shop” that the Breitenbush community has become (in my mind) had started to erase 30 years of sense of Faerie Community. Of course that doesn’t explain why I only stayed one night at American Ridge. Maybe the answer lies in my need for certain creature comforts (like a bed).

The difference between this gathering and Breitenbush is that it takes everyone doing something to make it happen – that, or we don’t eat (or have workshops, or grocery runs). That doesn’t explain my estrangement from American Ridge – that must be about the bed and the hot shower.

That’s it for this afternoon – short bursts of text only blog posts until I’m at the DB Lounge in Berlin on Saturday.

Guess that means the same for email.

Who would have expected that.

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One Response to “Not So Much Redemption – More Life My Faerie Mojo Has Returned.”

  1. H20Blanco Says:

    Great Wim Wenders film title– “The Redemption of Uncle Markie”…Got back from BBush last night, thence the Re-Entry party at Wallowa’s. Well-attended and lots of food.
    I had some cocktails at B-3, not blowouts but small gatherings. Keeping up the tradition. There were some appreciative new faeries….