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Aug '10

Must Be Having Fun…

Haven’t Succumb To Email.


I must be having fun because I was up until 3am. Sure, the heart circle after dinner ran long… but not that long.

Was up at 9am for breakfast, then back to bed until 3. Wow. I must be on holiday. Didn’t even get into the shower until almost 6pm. And after the excessive scotch night last night, thinking that tonight is going to be a wine night.

No motivation to check out the café down the trail to see if they have wi-fi. Maybe tomorrow. I did get a text in the middle of the night from Fluffernutter asking if I was back. I assume that was in response to my request for a ride home from the airport NEXT Monday. So for those of you keeping up with Uncle Markie’s European Holiday, don’t figure on me checking email regularly until Saturday – though I will respond to text messages, though mind the gap (the time gap that is). Here is a good example – it is 6:24pm in Germany at the moment – or 9:24am in Seattle. 9 hours is the time difference.

We are eating well here… by faerie standards. Last night’s meal was spinach lasagna made by Royal, whose faerie name should be Royal PITA. Any guesses? The “P” is for Pain. I’m sure you can figure out the rest. That said, it was an amazing lasagna – with a layer of béchamel sauce in addition to the tomato, mozzarella, pasta layers – that and a fresh green salad. Yum.

Tonight’s dinner (which started out as a late lunch soup and then grew and grew) is a ginger carrot soup, mini baguettes, and a green salad. Add a Nuviana Tempronillo/Cabernet Sauvignon and you have yet another damn fine meal.

One of the faeries has a high-pressure day job that he hasn’t been able to escape from but comes each evening for dinner and whatever happens after dinner. While this strains the sense of community in some ways – it also means that I can get the International Herald Tribune delivered the same day as it’s published – albeit late in the day. Yes, gave up email, but am still getting the paper – roughing it in the woods.

Speaking of the Trib – the American not living in Paris, but an hour south, had several days worth of issues when he arrived – unfortunately it was from about the same period that my New York Times was from… and since there are sister papers, a lot of the content I’d already read. It reminded me of the trip to Tuscany several years ago with Jill, Darcie, Jeanne and another half dozen people – where the café across from the villa had the IHT available (that day’s edition) by 10am – so I got in the habit of waking late and going for my cappuccino, pasti (Italian breakfast pastry kinda thing), and the paper. Truly civilized.

That’s it for the day. Back to the fun.

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2 Responses to “Must Be Having Fun…

Haven’t Succumb To Email.


  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie: What, please, is a “heart circle”?

  2. markso Says:

    Think of a giat AA meeting – hi, my name is XXX, and I’m a faerie from XXX and my trouble/joy/gripe is XXX.