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Sep '10

Epic – Day Six

Last night wrap-up.

  • 2-for-1 Martinis at Moderno
  • Dinner at La Cucina (upcharge $10, Italian), met a nice young retired couple who gave us the rest of their wine – and wanted to give tiramisu as well, but no room for that
  • Duty Free shopping – Hendricks Gin for $14.88 a bottle (50% off, so I got two)
  • Had reservations for the Legends Concert (impersonators of Rod Stewart, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson) – didn’t make it – it was an 11pm show and we were exhausted after dinner and headed back to our various cabins before 8pm – this sea life is rough

Speaking of rough – it’s a sea day today, and don’t bother knocking cause this boat is a rockin’. It doesn’t bother me much, but Lisa isn’t a happy camper. If you are following the weather, we are following storms up from the Caribbean, though we aren’t in it – still sunny and incredibly hot outside.

I had three goals for today:

  • Bowling
  • Canasta
  • Water Slides

Dan and I went bowling – he got a 35, I got a 34 – you try bowling on a ship that’s rocking. Goal met. No canasta, we needed four and it wasn’t going to work for Lisa (our fourth being Marcelo from Toronto), instead we taught Marcelo how to play 3-handed hearts… which he lost, but not that much behind me, Goal, not quite met but close. I didn’t make it to the water slides, but I did get a review from a couple of other adults I saw on the slides. Green fast and good, Purple OK, Orange (the one with the giant cocktail shaker in the inside): try it once, but the lines are too long. Goal – not met. Holding off until tomorrow when we are in port in Nassau, Bahamas. I figure I’ll spend a couple of hours wondering around town, then head back to the ship and do the water slides while everyone else is on shore. Well, that’s the plan – who knows what will happen.

Cocktails with the boys (Marcelo and his friend Amar) at Moderno, then a bunch of us will head to the Manhattan Club for dinner and get a big table – we seem to be picking up more strays as the days progress, which is a good thing.

7:45 is FOD in the Bliss Lounge, once again – in the middle of family karaoke – please – just let the Friends of Dorothy follow the 2-for-1 martini special, we’ll be happy – that’s what it’s turning into anyway.

If I’m alive, I’ll see if I can:

  1. Stay awake and social until 10
  2. Try and catch the Legends show with some of the boys – Dan can’t stand the thought of anything Rod Stewart, we both want to see Michael, and Britney, well, it’s Brittany, isn’t she still in rehab?

That’s it for the day. No pictures. Might bring the camera to dinner, but that would show up on tomorrows blog.

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