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Oct '10

Boca Raton – Day Two.

The heat – the humidity… it’s killing me. Can’t say as I’d ever move to Florida. Of course, we all know how much I love the Pacific NorthWet.

The big diversion today was a trip to Costco – woo hoo. And they sell liquor in a little mini-warehouse next door (still Costco, but different entrance). I picked up a couple of bottles to drag north since I’m checking bags… that will make a liter of Hendricks, a bottle of the Maker’s Mark 46, and a bottle of Jaegermeister (that is definitely not for me). Plus the two engraved empties from the trip – why do I feel that the TSA will be searching my luggage (again).

Life in Florida. Eat. Errands. Lunch, Canasta, Dinner, Canasta. Day after day.

It’s been fun hanging out with Dan and Lisa, but I’m ready to be home for a bit.

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One Response to “Boca Raton – Day Two.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Yes, that is part of the fun of traveling…coming home. Sounds like you have had a good time in general. San Francisco is ok, but sucks losing cell phone…or does it?