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Nov '10

Long And Winding Road Home.

And I Didn’t Even Take Chuckanut Drive.

What an exciting morning… I’m working on preparing a nice omelet for breakfast when the FIRE strobe light starts going off. I’m in the handicapped unit so there are strobes for FIRE, CO2 and something else. My response… get the hallway – the big airmovers had kicked on, which forces all the air in the elevators and stairwells out through the rooms to the outside. Fine, everything is working, and there were no sirens going, either in the building, or on the street.

I did start to shut down the computer and pack up while eating my omelet on the run. If I’m leaving this room, I’m taking everything I need because it’s going to be a zoo getting back up here just to check out.

Firefighters finally arrived (I had a view down to street level), but the weren’t exactly hustling into the building. Still not looking forward to walking down 20 floors because you know the elevators have been shut down.

By the time I was fed, packed, alarms had started going off… and then… stopped. Apparently I was at the elevator just at the moment that they turned them back on. Lucky me. Made my way through the packed lobby, checked out and walked around the building to the garage – and left Vancouver.

What a fun morning.

Stopped just pas the border to call Johnnie to see if he was around. He lives in Bellingham. Turns out he’d gotten home from a “ramble” at 1:30am, so I swung by for an hour of so of chit chat. Sorry, no pictures. He showed off his latest totaled Subaru (two in the last year – neither his fault). He nailed a deer in Wyoming. There is still hair and poop on his car. He bought it back from the insurance company, will fix the body damage and spend the rest of the cash on a new banjo.

Next stop groceries and lunch, home for a nap at 4.

Evening just puttering around the kitchen, freezing and sealing ½ cup pucks of chicken stock, prepping some chicken soup of tomorrow, and generally thinking about who the hell to take to Thailand on Thursday.

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And I Didn’t Even Take Chuckanut Drive.

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