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Jan '11

Shit. Pulled The Trigger…

On The Ticket.

Up late. Work. Lunch with Helene. Too much food, leftovers for the appetizer course.

Nap and then analyzing business plans. Questions, questions, questions.

Pulled the trigger… here is where I’m going…

Yes, I booked the Trans-Canada Rail from Vancouver, BC, to Toronto, ON in late March….4 days…. I actually reregistered a ViaRail Frequent Account to get the 500 point bonus – pissed away 78 points… I think it was worth it.

Damn you Helene for pointing out that it really 50% off the whole bill, not just the rail fare. Toronto here I come. Now, all I have to do is get home. Will wait for more mile in the United account before I book. We’d like a FREE ticket home. But $1150 as opposed to $2500….

Dinner tonight with two priest, a nice Jewish woman, and, well, one of the priest’s hottie boyfriends. Wonderful salmon, warm bread, salad, yellow wax beans – too bad it was just dinner for 3 with one leaving for class and one on the couch to “heal”.

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On The Ticket.

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