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Mar '11

Covered The Nut For This Month’s Mortgage.

It’s always nice to be able to cover the nut for the month’s mortgage by a third of the way through the month – not that it covers the credit card bills, but I’ve got the other two thirds of the month to cover that.

How you might ask… two non-recurring pieces of money. Tax refund of net $850 (after tax prep fee of $315) and the sale of 20oz. of silver bullion rounds at $35.50 an ounce.

But the day was filled with errands…

  • Tire Factory to fix the flat and get them to replace the locking lugnuts with regular ones
  • West Seattle Coin for the 15 minute transaction to sell the silver —- no receipts, no ID, felt like I was selling drugs
  • Grocery store run
  • Home
  • Bank to make deposit of silver proceeds and work check
  • Dry cleaner to pick up folded shirts and drop off shirts for hangers
  • Apartment to pick up package
  • Quick cocktail with Swanda since he had a package as well
  • Home

Amazing the stuff you can get done if you are out of bed at 6am (of my own free will).

Pork chops, salad and wine for dinner.

Bed early.



2 Responses to “Covered The Nut For This Month’s Mortgage.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    I am guessing this is your posting for Tuesday, the 8th. Correct? Not the 9th.

  2. markso Says:

    Yep — got distracted by a meeting before changing the date….