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Jun '11

Discovery Bay — Bainbridge Island — Seattle.

A leisurely morning in the condo with eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast before heading back to Seattle via Bainbridge Island.

Here is a great shot of me on the ferry with the skyline in the gloomy background:

Yeah ¯ showing Fernando the truly grey Seattle summers.

After an afternoon snack at the taco wagon here in South Park, it was back to work for me. I arrived home to a several inch thick stack of registration forms for the gathering. Luckily DancingBear called about a dinner date, which I couldn’t do, but he did swing by and pick up about $8K worth of checks for the gathering.

Dinner tonight was a local feast of Copper River Salmon and Kumumoto Oysters, both done on the grill along with some baby bok choy (also grilled) and some cole slaw (not grilled). I spaced out and forgot to bake bread so I did some roasted potatoes and onions as a substitute.

A little hot tub soak after dinner and off to be we went.

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