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Sep '11

Riding My Mother’s Dinosaur.

Accompanying all visits with the Parental Units is the “list” of things I need to try and fix.

  • Make the printer be able to copy things again (my father the Luddites favorite use for the All-In-One machine)
  • Update the virus protection
  • Update MSN
  • Help place the solar lights on the walkway
  • Pull weeds over the septic system (think I got out of that one with allergies)

So, when I say dinosaur:

  • 12″ LCD screen (OK, maybe it’s 14″}
  • 997mhz processor
  • 128MB RAM (no, that is not a typo)
  • No USB ports
  • Dial-up internet with a max connection speed of 48K
  • At least it’s running Windows XP with Service Pack Two so it is possible update it!

Makes updating software a very Zen experience. And I fear ultimately, a failure even if I download on my tethered PC and burn some CD/DVDs. The fact that she can still check her email, listen to music and play Solataire on that old Dell amazes me.

Maybe we should talk about dinner instead:

A simple peasant dinner of scallops sautèd with onions and mushrooms served with sliced yellow tomatoes yard ripened, dressed with crumbles of blue cheese and a basalmic vinaigrette.

Add a glass or two of Blue Teal, a New Mexico Pinot Grigio, and you have a fine dinner.

As usual, parents to bed early after watching the Washington/Dallas football game with my father.

Me? I’m adding to my “new network show” vocabulary with my first issue of The Playboy Club on ABC.

[215, but it’s an analog scale, which I did zero out before mounting]

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