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Sep '11

The Chemo Infusion That Wasn’t.

So, today’s big deal was me going with my father to his every 3-week chemo cycle appointment for his infusion. Well, that was the plan. The reality was something different. Hence, the email that I sent out to Mysis-in-law, brother and aunt early in the afternoon:

Went with Dad to his appointment this morning. His PSA was still in the 80’s so the chemo was only stabilizing the PSA, not bringing it down further. The good news is that makes him eligible to go on a hormone therapy that was approved in April of this year (only available to folks who did both the hormone therapies in the past, along with chemo). It will be a week or so before he can start on the therapy while the clinic clears it with the insurance company.

The Wikipedia article on the drug is here:


The drug got expedited approval because the results were so good.

Only side effects are hot flashes which dad has every night between 5 and 7, so he’s used to that.

Mind you, that still means that he has between a year or two left on this mortal coil, or whatever the phrase is. I have another visit planned in a month or so.

A little grocery shopping then back to the house for lunch. A nap before cocktails (something that irritates the crap out of my father, the cocktails, not the naps).

Cooked dinner for The Parental Units, marinated sirloin steaks on the grill with a nice big salad with tons of garden fresh tomatoes (their friend’s garden, not theirs).

An after dinner visit to The Ortiz Gang.

A dust-up on my return.

To bed late.


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