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Oct '11

Party At Joe’s Place.

In Tucson!

When I checked in I actually managed to get my favorite bulkhead aisle seat: 1C. And the sun is out. Looks to be a nice day for flying.

Update #1: So, TSA asked me today for another form of ID when I tried to use my Nexus card. It seems that soon they are going to start scanning IDs and they haven’t figured out how to get Nexus integrated into their system which also goes for Sentry, the US-Mexico speed lane card. He also didn’t have an answer for why their need to be different systems for US-Canada and US-Mexico border.

More later from Tucson.

From Joe’s cellphone, entitled “relaxing before the party”.

Gotta say, I crapped out about 11pm and when I got up to pee at 3:30, the party was still going.


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In Tucson!

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