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Jul '06


Caught the first bus to the airport. 6:57am at the corner of the 2nd Street Extension and Jackson, a mere two and a half blocks from my city apartment.

Only a couple of people in line in front of me to check in. Guess that’s an advantage of being a United Premier flyer. Didn’t get me though security any faster. I’m not a Gold level flyer, but it wasn’t bad at 15 minutes.

Next stop, the Board Room run by Alaska Airlines which is located close to the United gates. I start most trips off with a Red Baron — champagne and cranberry juice. Helps the kidneys while killing the liver. Add an egg bagel with some herbed cream cheese and you have a nice breakfast — complete with the Sunday paper. It costs $225 a year, and I figure I get that in the food and booze (that’s free) over the course of a year — and if I’m flying on Northwest, Delta, Continental and a couple of others, I get to use their rooms as well.

On the upgrade list for the flight to San Francisco, no hope of an upgrade on flight to Shanghai.