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Oct '07

About That Shower.

Got back from Olympia late morning, just in time for a meeting with MoonSong about a shower for the church. He brought the recent photos of the digs at the church, and which and how much wall will need to come out. It’s looking like a 36″ square shower. Time to go shopping!

Checked out Home Depot and Lowes — no luck so far, but getting pricing and possibilities. Had my afternoon Depot Dog before heading to the eastside for banking and the Lowes portion of the trip. Amazing to go into both those places and not walk out with anything! I did discover that Lowes on the eastside has better hot dogs (though it was too late in the day for one).

Off to Safeway before picking up packages (five) at Swanda’s and making us both dinner. Citrus marinated beef shorts ribs like I made in the canyon, but these came with asparagus and salad rather than peas and mashed potatoes.

Left around 8pm for a little more laundry — should have taken a load with me. More shopping tomorrow.

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