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Apr '08

Good Customer Service

vs Bad Customer Service.

Good? Citi Smith Barney. My broker provides services that aren’t usually associated with stock brokers. Like getting me latte when I visit and notarizing my will and health care directives. Except for the slowness in figuring out where my ROTH deposit went to — all-in-all good. Besides, I don’t need that for another ten years or so.

Bad? BMW of Seattle. The seem a little understaffed. Check in OK for my oil change and brake fluid change. Ready at four and your shuttle driver is waiting for you out front. Nathanial (the shuttle driver) was GREAT. He got me downtown to City Smith Barney with pleasant conversation and asked for my phone number so he could check in with me since he’d penciled me in for a four o’clock pickup from UVA. And then it started going downhill quickly — yes, HE called, but the service advisor didn’t. I had to call, only to hear at 4pm that they were still working on it. Five rolls around and they finally call, and then need to call Nathanial who picks me up 15 minutes later — I pay my bill (which has major notes on it like — major oil buildup on engine front that the service advisor didn’t have time to chat with me about) and have to wait 20 minutes while they round up my car and bring it around. Bad.

Today it’s sunny and top down weather. I finally finished the stereo equipment turntable and got it installed with the source switch to run everything through the TV. Maybe I should see about getting a digital FM tuner as well since I have one more input. Might be nice to have KPLU through good speakers rather than the battery powered transistor radio I’ve been using since moving to Rose Street.

Tonight is poker in Olympia with a stop at Jameson’s place at Summit Lake before hand to drop off some wood scrap for his car. Nice that the top is down since I can load the garage can full of wood in the front seat (and the rest in the trunk.


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vs Bad Customer Service.

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