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Apr '08

Sunday Sales.

No Blue Laws Here.

Top-down weather is going away — it was a grey drive north with the heater blowing. No rain yet. Better get the yard mowed before it does start to rain.

Next on deck was a quickie visit to Swanda’s to pick up a package from the Geeks. 2 gigs of memory for the Toshiba tablet and a case for the hard drive I pulled out of the dead HP.

Of course, when I did all the install of the new equipment it just reminded me that I need to start listing all this dead and useless (to me) stuff on EBay. Guess how I spent my evening (and probably tomorrow evening as well!) — listing items on EBay. The sales should close just as I’m getting back from Kentucky.

Interested as to what is on the block?

Here is the link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmarksouderQQfrppZ50QQfsopZ32QQfsooZ2QQrdZ0

Not sure if it will link to the stuff I post tomorrow, but who knows, it might. I got five items up there tonight before I ran out of steam. The most efficient way to do EBay selling is to get the item together, photograph, box, write the description, weigh the box and write it on the lid, post the ad. When it sells, then all you have to do is print the invoice, stick it in the box, seal, seal and post. It also makes it easier to store for that week between listing and sale.

What prompted me to do all this listing was that I actually bid on and won a docking station for the tablet that was half the cost of the refurbished models I found on-line. My mantra — buy something, figure out an income source to pay for it.


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No Blue Laws Here.

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