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Apr '08

Monday Madness.

Taxes are in the mail. Yea! Now all I need to do is pay the accountant (which was more than the tax bill).

Lopez run to work on the bathroom walls is on tap for tomorrow. MoonSong on the 12:40 and me on the 3:30. He can do the blocking work so we can easily hang the rock, and we can cut and paste when I get there a couple of hours later — guess I’d better do a supply run this afternoon!

And more errands — have to swing by Swanda’s and drop off a TON of articles I’ve clipped in the last two days — themes are Olympics and Quilts. Took both Home Depot and Lowes to finally get all the supplies I needed. Yikes.

More items on EBay today. And here is the link again — just in case you all forgot:


Quiet evening packing, eating, thinking about tomorrow.


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