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Apr '08

Trifecta Wednesday.

Yes, It Should Be Trifecta Thursday.

Here is a lovely piece of email that I sent a few minutes ago:

I can’t believe my luck — upgraded to first class — and Deal or No Deal featuring Spring Break frat boys — add the George Foreman knockoff I got at the dump today (traded it for a dead refrigerator) and I’ve hit the TriFecta — that’s racing terminology.

And here is the state of the shower when I left the church today. Think drywall. Think real shower curtain rod with a real curtain. Think a new flexible shower head like the one I put in my parent’s house in Santa Fe. Think about me taking a noon shower before loading up the van and heading to the city for tonight’s flight.


Or just think of me in seat 1C to Minneapolis on the red-eye and seat 1B (but it doesn’t count since it’s a regional jet) on the flight to Cincinnati. Meeting Swanda when his flight gets in a couple of hours after mine.

And since I’m upgraded to First Class — I think I’ll take the bus to the airport ($2.00).


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Yes, It Should Be Trifecta Thursday.

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