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Apr '08

Greetings From Bluegrass Country.

Greetings from Kentucky, land of thoroughbreds and bourbon, and I plan on both.

Interesting red-eye flight from Seattle to Minneapolis — got a free upgrade to first (because I’m an Alaska MVP) and we are at cruising altitude when guy seated next to me gets up to use the bathroom. It’s busy so he’s hanging out in the galley — when I hear this HUGE thump. All I can see is his fet sticking out of the galley at this point. Yikes — he just passed out and dropped like a sack of potatoes.

My first thoughts? They are going to have to turn the plane around. Second thought? There goes getting a drink in any timely manner.

They got him pillows and blankets and in twenty minutes he was fine. He blames it on the spicy food he had for dinner. Yeah, right.

Got to Minneapolis at six in the morning for a nine in the morning flight to Cincinnati — hung out in the Northwest Airlines club having a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. Bar doesn’t open until 8am in Minnesota so that leaves just enough time for one cranberry and vodka before heading to the plane.

Had lunch at the Cincinnati airport — Outback Steakhouse for grilled ahi tuna appetizer — just enough to hold me until dinner. I’d arranged for a minivan from Dollar since there will be six or seven of us for the bourbon tastings and horse racing. Chrysler Town and Country with stow and go seating (which for us just means more space under the floor for bourbon).

Dinner at the acceptable Regatta, made more acceptable by it being right next door to the hotel (Hilton Suites – nice). Orange roughy over rice pilaf with spinach and green beans. Was hoping the home style green beans would be more southern, i.e. pig fat, but they weren’t. Damn.

One last unneeded drink or two at the bar with the rest of the group from Events and Adventures, plus Swanda and I’s friend Barbara from the Napa Wine Cruise of years ago.

It’s going to be an early day tomorrow — out of the hotel by 7:30. Ick. Better get to bed early tonight.

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One Response to “Greetings From Bluegrass Country.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Really have a great time and BTW plotter is working fine since the ink change. Bought some laquer (SIC) and it works great much better than the varnish we were using so fingers crossed that it holds up to the rain and sun. (Step up from Aquanet I hope) Do have fun but come home soon as there is work for you to do with two salvaged towers.

    We had such a great evening with you and MoonSong that we are still talking about it.