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Apr '08

Down Day Not At The Downs.

A lazy day in Kentucky. I bailed on the morning trip to the Horse Park, and I bailed on the afternoon outing to Keeneland race track. I did show up for lunch and dinner. What was needed was some down time. And I got it.

Lunch was back at Regatta — tenderloin medallions for me and then back to the hotel room for work and play. The folks that went to the track showed up at six and mixed with those who had stayed behind than those who had provided transportation.

Cocktails and then off to dinner in the bar. We have all been running at full speed for days. We are sticking close to home tonight. Lots of exciting conversation over too much food. Thanks Tamara for picking up the bill. It was sweet and unexpected.

Back to the room to help Tammy get better seats for her flight in the morning, then off to bed. Checked out by 9am for the tour of the Toyota plant north of here. And yes, it is a fun tour — or at least it was three years ago.

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