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Apr '08

Toyotas and Planes.

Up and out early — at least I had the leftovers from my Reuben Rap last night to put into my stomach with the coffee.

We had a 10am tour at the Toyota Georgetown factory. No Starbucks stop this morning!

The TMMK Visitor Center and Plant Tour

And, no, this isn’t our group — they don’t allow cameras into the facility — I swiped this one off their web-site. Swanda and I did this three years ago, and it was just as fun this time — though the stamping plant was shut for model change over (and we saw one of the new 2009 or 10’s that’s coming up) and the video was after the tour rather than before — technical problems.

Next stop was the airport to drop off Tamara and Monica for their flights, then to the hotel to drop off Tom and Tammy, the Dallas folks, whose flights were late afternoon, then Swanda and I were off to the airport for our flights.

No upgrade for me this time home. Bulkhead aisle both legs — and the first one not even anyone next to me. So, good leg room, but no free drinks (or dinner on the Detroit Seattle leg).

With the cab line 20 deep (and having spent $25 on drinks and snack on those flights) I opted for the bus home ($1.50) — but got off a couple of stops too soon and ended up walking a couple of miles — oh, well, I need the exercise.

Fixed a drink, flopped in bed, fell asleep.

[227.2 late night]

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