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Apr '08

More Goods On The Move.

Well, it was another $500 day in South Park — more goods out of the garage and into other people’s lives. Better theirs than mine. It’s nice to have the living room and dining room look more like a living room and dining room than Uncle Markie’s Computer Hut (sort of like Akbar and Jeff’s Computer Hut).

Busy day today. Work for 7Rad and SOB. Plus checking out Swanda’s old laptop that I was going to EBay, but it turns out I fixed it instead (which is good since his other one died this morning). Now I have to fix that too — which wasn’t too difficult since it was just a loose hard disk. But then there is the fact that he bought a wireless care, when the unit already had wireless. More mysteries to solve, but not until I’m back from the island.

Add working out the details for a quick Kansas City trip next week — and now suddenly a weekend trip to the coast with Wonderful (which will mean postponing computer sessions with Gnarlene) and it’s a full day. Finally got the van unloaded so I can fill it up again with crap that is sitting at the church. I’m surprised that the garage hasn’t sunk into the back yard with all the stuff in it!

Welcome to the neighborhood Lynne. Today was the day of her move — and I see stuff hanging out in the driveway, but no Lynne. She has basically moved three houses away. This should be fun. A friend that I met on the island moving to the city — within crawling distance.

Oh yeah — and then there was making five CD compilations of everybody’s Kentucky photos to sent to all the folks who were on the tour. Gonna sleep well tonight.


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